Suzy G is a DJ and musician (saxophone and piano player, singer) who likes to connect people through the music she plays.
She likes pop, dance and (Latin) house, and also Deep House, Afro Grooves, balkan beats, funk and disco. She was raised in Zwolle (city in the east of the Netherlands) by her mother who was a classical piano player. Susanne is gifted by the same musical genes, yet decided to take another path when she was young. She liked to play played funk/jazz music on the sax and enjoyed dancing on music of the hit parade. She liked tape recording these hit songs and constantly dubbed to create the best tapes possible for dancing. This was her start to mix pop and dance. After her studies to become a teacher in primary school and her degree at conservatory, she moved to Amsterdam and began a career combining music and education in her own business Muzisanne and as a trainer/teacher/coach at schools through the Royal Concert Building, Stopera National Theatre of Opera and Ballet and Aslan Amsterdam music centre of world music. She also performed on stage as a musician in funk, salsa, cabaret, jazz bands as well as in dance theatre.
A new passion came to live when she visited several parties and was unsatisfied with the DJ thinking: ‘I can do better, I know how to make a party.’ When she had just reached her thirties, she decided to take DJ lessons by Koen van Dijk. DJ Suzy G was born! Since she is a natural performer, her DJ career developed rapidly. She played at diverse parties, from festivals to private parties, and combines her personal musical taste with requests from the audience. She has experience playing pop and dance, Latin & Afro grooves and Balkan beats, Latin house, nineties pop, disco, Turkish pop. Her audiences are from all cultures, ages and sexualities. One of top gigs was her DJ performance on a boat during the Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade 2017 (dance, pop and Latin house). She is now focusing on her future as a DJ / producer and sax player (live act with DJs). She integrates all her passions: music, meeting people and connect, performing and partying. Besides music she also enjoys dancing, sports (kickboxing and running) and eating delicious food. She likes to dj on festivals and parties in the Netherlands and internationally. In her dreams she will be dj-ing on Ibiza or at a huge beach party where she intensely enjoys to see people dancing on her own produced songs.

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